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Thrown in may and october this year, “FREAKS” the new festival that excited every music and outdoor event freaks, is coming back for a new year countdown party in Tokyo’s water front at the event hall city-Ariake area “Differ Ariake”. 

“ONE NIGHT x ONE STAGE x ONE DJ”, is the theme of the first FREAKS NYE 2011-2012. This event will see the old year out with only one DJ on one stage. The DJ that will play this important role is the living legend that is said to be the DJ that is closest to god; DJ HARVEY! For 2 years in a row, he did a Japan tour containing 29 events in 28 cities that gathered a total of more than 20,000 people! This will be the first time for him to do an all night long set in Japan! This extra long DJ set will no doubt be a truly amazing music journey on the opening of the new year.

On top of that there is still one more big surprise, customers that have bought an advance ticket will get an exclusive DJ HARVEY mix CD at the door on the day of the event! This will be 10 years since the 2001 release “Sarcastic Disco vol.2″ that there is an officially mix released from Harvey himself. So far there are only 2 mix CDs from Harvey which are both rare and high value collectors items. This exclusive mix CD will surely become an rare collectors item for fans all over the world.

Visuals, Lights, Lasers, Decorations and Sound system will also be the best out there! There is no doubt “FREAKS NYE 2011-2012″ will be a legendary night! So we hope to see you on new years at Ariake, Tokyo.

■Event Name:

FREAKS NYE 2011-2012

■Event Date:

12/31/2011 Saturday

■Event Opening/Closing Time:

Open 20:00 Start 21:00 Close 5:00



1-3-25 Ariake Koutou-ku Tokyo
TEL: 03-5500-3731

■Ticket Prices (tax including):

Advance Ticket: ¥7,800 (w/ DJ Harvey Mix CD)
At the Door: ¥6,000

■Performing Artist:

DJ HARVEY [ Locussolus / LA ] *Special All Night Long Set


FREAKS office

■Important Information:

Tickets will be limited to 1500 tickets.
If the tickets are sold out before the night of the event, we will not sell tickets at the door.
(We will announce the information concerning selling tickets at the door on our web site in mid december.)
Customers that have bought tickets will get a DJ Harvey’s Mix CD (Not for Sale) at the door on the day of the event. We will not hand out or send via postal mail.
Customers that have bought tickets at the door will not receive DJ Harvey’s Mix CD.

This event will not admit any person(s) under the age of 20 years old. 
There will be an ID check at the door, please bring ID which has a picture on it.
For the customers that weren’t able to enter because of the ID check, they will not get a refund under any circumstances.
For each ticket only 1 person will be able to enter.
Reselling or handing over ticket will not be tolerated.
Canceling, refund or exchanging will not be allowed after purchasing the ticket.
Tickets will not be re-issued. Please make sure to keep your tickets in a safe place.
If we find any use of fake tickets or illegal substances we will inform the authorities.
If any artist cancels or even if the event gets canceled there will be no refund under any circumstances.
If the promoter decides to change any of these rules for unavoidably operational reasons there will be no refund under any circumstances.

There will be no re-entry into the venue.
Do not take off the wrist band you receive at the door, as this will prove your ticket purchase.
The wrist band will not be able to be re-issued. If the wrist band get damaged, it will be exchanged with a certain fee.
Please cooperate to any wrist band check inside the venue.
If you do not have a wrist band on inside the venue we will ask you to buy a ticket.

No food or drinks are allowed to be brought inside the venue. Any food or drinks that will brought in will be confiscated.  
Any use or possession of dangerous objects or any substance that are prohibited by the law will not be allowed. If we find any of these items or activity we will inform the authorities. 
No pets allowed.

We recommend the use of public transportation to get to the venue.
Illegal parking or any actions that might annoy the people that live in the neighborhood are not tolerated.
All smoking should be done in designated areas inside the venue.
Please do not litter cigarette buds or smoke while walking anywhere around the venue or inside the district.
Do not throw away trash anywhere else but the designated trash cans inside the venue.

Cameras and cell phones with cameras are allowed inside the venue but taking pictures or video of the artist will be prohibited.
The use of video cameras and sound recording equipment is prohibited.
If we find any activity from the above we will confiscate any tapes, films, data and erase everything on them.

There will be lockers and cloakrooms available at the venue but we do advise you to manage your belongings at all times.
The promoter, venue, staff or artist have no responsibility regarding any accidents, theft or lost.The promoter, venue, staff or artist have no responsibility regarding any injuries or medical conditions.
The promoter, venue, staff or artist have no responsibility regarding any accidents or injures occurred by a third party. Please speak with the person(s) involved.

Any customer(s) that are annoying other customers or can not follow staff instructions will be forced to leave the venue. In this case there will be no refund.
Please be careful to not drink to much. Any person that is drunk and do not behave might have to leave the venue. In this case there will be no refund.
If any damage of property is found we will inform the authorities and will claim compensation for damage. 

Please follow the instructions given buy the staff and security. This will help all the customers to have a fun and convenient experience.

Thank you for your cooperation.