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■Ticket Price (tax including):

Advance Ticket: ¥7,800 (w/ DJ Harvey Mix CD)
At the Door: ¥6,000

■Ticket Sales Period:

・Exclusive Event Guide: From 12/1 Thursday until 12/8 Thursday
「FREAKS NYE 2011-2012」Pia feature URL (PC / Cell phone)

・Event Guide: From 12/10 Saturday until 12/30 Friday
Ticket Pia:0570-02-9999 [P-code: 156-443]
Lawson Ticket:0570-08-4003 [L-code: 71313]
e plus:

・Shops: From 12/3 Saturday until 12/30 Friday
disk union club music online
Club Music Shop Shibuya [03-3476-2627]
Club Music Shop Shinjyu-ku [03-5919-2422]
Club Music Shop Shimokitazawa [03-5738-2971]
Ikebukuro [03-5956-4550]
Kichijyo-ji [0422-20-8062]
Machida [042-720-7240]
Yokohama Nishiguchi [045-317-5022]
Fuchinobe [042-752-0425]
Tsudanuma [047-471-1003]
Chiba [043-224-6372]
Kashiwa [04-7164-1787]
Kitaurawa [048-832-0076]
Tachikawa [042-548-5875]
GAN-BAN [03-3477-5701]
JET SET [03-5452-2262]
PIGEON RECORDS [052-269-2775]
TECHNIQUE [03-5458-4143]

・Online Shops:


※Please check the official HP “INFO” “Important Information” section for further information before buying a ticket.
・This event will not admit any person(s) under the age of 20 years old
・Tickets will be limited to 1500 tickets.
・Customers that have bought tickets will get a DJ Harvey’s Mix CD (Not for Sale) at the door on the day of the event.
・If the tickets are sold out before the night of the event, we will not sell tickets at the door.
・Customers that have bought tickets at the door will not receive DJ Harvey’s Mix CD.